Mic Tone Gets a Lift

I’ve been drooling over the chance for this new piece of gear.  It is called the Cloudlifter CL-2 Microphone Activator.

It’s basically a magic box that can use a microphone pre-amp 48 volt phantom power to give extra super clean gain to level-hungry microphones.  Some of the mics I like to use such as the Shure SM7b and the Cascade Fathead II ribbon microphones require a lot of gain, especially with quiet sources such as vocals or a soft acoustic guitar.  This unit allows me to use a lot less gain at the pre-amp, thus lowering the noise floor of the system.

Lowering the overall noise floor of recordings is important.  When tracking 30-40 tracks of acoustic instruments noise will add up, so this tool will be a great addition to the studio to help me create those pro sounding mixes I’m striving for!