Hot Hoodoo in the Studio for Round 2

I had the pleasure of working with local alternative rock band Hot Hoodoo. Formerly know as the band Flux, they came in the studio to record two more tracks in March.

It is always fun working with these guys. Grant is their talented drummer who also brought a flute and laid down a solo on one of their new tracks. Josh does lead vocals, backing vocals and bass. He really likes to let the screams flow. Halfway through one of the sessions I had to stop and ask him if he was going to make it through the session as the gravel was really starting to flow… he said that he could sing like that for hours so we kept going. He did great and actually did get better and better as his voice warmed up. We got some great takes.

Hot Hoodoo

Left to right – Grant, Tyson and Josh


Tyson, the groups spokesman, plays guitar lead vocals and backing vocals. Josh and Tyson switch off with their vocals while one does the lead vocal the other will do backing vocals. This arrangement suits them just fine and lends a cool dynamic for the songs as they have their own styles.

The guys are always very open to production ideas and they always come very prepared and that makes for smooth sessions. I look forward to next time.

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