A Micorphone That’s Got ‘Bling’

Here I am as the proud new Papa of a modded VINJET ribbon microphone from Cascade Microphones! Pictured with me is Ken from Cascade.









So I have been lucky enough to meet some great people over the years in the music business that I can say I have become friends with.  Ken Levy is one of those people.  I first met him when I was shopping in the early days at Music 6000 in Lacey Washington where he was a fixture in the company till recently.  Now Ken is entrenched at Cascade Microphones with owner Michael Chiriac where they offer the best value in ribbon microphones –  period.

Ken’s knowledge I trust and when I asked him what mic I should get next from him he didn’t hesitate…”The VIN-JET” he said.  Of course if you’re gonna do it you gotta have it modded.  So why the heck would you want to take apart and modify a brand new microphone you might ask?  Good question!  The answer my friend lies in the tone…to capture every nuance the ribbon microphone can muster, a simple modification is to replace the stock transformer with a fancy one from a transformer manufacture.   In this case that happens to be Lundahl.  So Doug at Cascade did the surgery and a short time later, here I was grinnin’ from ear to ear holding my newest baby serial number 998.  Sweeeet.   It has a chrome body and cool grill that you can see through to the long ribbon on the inside.  After strapping in the microphone to the shock mount you just can’t help but to be impressed.  It just has that ‘Bling’.

In practice I’ve had the chance to use it in a couple session.  I love the smooth tone on acoustic and electric guitar.  It sounds similar to my Fathead Ribbon mics from Cascade but with a smoother high frequency definition, reaching out just a little more to the highest notes.   The VIN-JET will add a full and present sound to acoustics and tame harsh notes out of an electric guitar amp, helping it to sit in a mix with almost no EQ.   I just know it will make a killer drum room microphone out in front of a slammin’ drum kit.  I can’t wait to try it on some vocals when the right song comes along.

You know, it never hurts to have another tool in your tool belt to get the job done, at least that’s what I keep telling my wife!  Love ya!