…and then I started a Record Label…

We’ll not by myself of course.  I have the good fortune of working with one of my long time best friends Jim Porter and a super guy we have more recently partnered with named Tom Smith.  Jim and I are both musicians and worked on projects together spanning back almost two decades.  Then we met Tom.  He is a fantastic guy and has a true passion for hitting the venues and getting in the trenches with the bands.  He really has the pulse of the music community.VR-LOGO-with-Lettering-1024x333

The label is called VITAL RECORDS and was the brain child of Jim Porter.  We both thought it was time to reach out and help other musicians in the area.  South Sound Sound will be the hub of the recording, mixing, and mastering of these projects that focus on the Puget Sound Area for talent.

We now have a partnership with our first act called Hellbelly.  They are a super talented four piece out of Olympia with a hard rock style.  I’ve know most of the members for years and couldn’t be happier for them to be our first act.  We look forward also to working with many other musicians in varying styles of music  in the future helping them to achieve their musical goals!