There was Electricity in the Air “Literally”

It seemed like the session I scheduled with Bill Richards and his friend Greg Amunrudwas going to go off without a hitch.   Earlier that day I worked with singer and songwriter Jared Estes and as we knocked out track after track things were moving along nicely.  I had scheduled the second part of a double header after a lunch break that Thursday.  I had the studio ready to go, lights on, place clean and hot water at a boil for some tea….then the weather kicked in.  It just so happened that September 5, 2013 would have thousands of lighting strikes in a massive display of Mother Natures Electrical Supremacy or MNES as I would like to call it…

Bill Richards 2013

Billy Richards

Bill and Greg arrived and we began to set up their equipment; keyboards, vocals and bass guitar.  The guys were seasoned pros and had no problems working through the different songs.  The guys have know each other since the late 60’s and have played in different groups together over the years and are now in the group duo called “2Kool.”  Greg plays bass, percussion and sings.  Bill plays keyboard, drums and sings.  Collectively they have over 50 years of professional performance experience and have performed together at various times since the 1970’s in night clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

Greg 2013

Greg Amunrud

During the recording session at my studio Bill was stationed at his keyboard where he would play, at the same time cutting a vocal track that we would use in the final songs.  At the same time Greg was working his magic on the bass while Bill would play.  After a song or two we noticed a “snap” in the headphones during the recording process.

To me it sounded similar to a sound I would get if the sample rate on the recording would get out of time or there was a small gap in the recording, but after closer look I noticed a spike in the waveform of the bass.

lighting strike

Sure enough.  During the recording the bigger electrical strikes that were happening in the clouds high above the studio were being picked up by Greg’s 1969 Fender bass guitar!

click for larger image

Gregs Fender Bass Guitar

Mother Nature was playing her part in that evenings recording as well.  Of course this was making me a bit nervous as the power would occasionally flicker.  I lost my monitors (temporarily) twice and settings within my software, but the show went on!  I almost pulled the plug on the session at one point but entrusted my faithful surge suppressors to get me through.

As I’m writing this we are still working on their LP with about half of it recorded so far.  It is a blend of Classic Rock covers from the 60’s-90’s as well as original tunes.   I’ll post some samples of some of their original music when the project is wrapped up.  The guys are a blast to work with, and that electrical storm will be a session that I will long remember!