Time for Saxophone

Something about recording on these fall stormy days, there is nothing better than being in the studio with a cup of tea, and some good musicians in the studio recording what they love to do.

Tim Hunter, whose musical style is heavily influenced by blues and soul music, has been working on his new musical project with the number of original songs including the song Easy Now which I recorded with him a couple years back. Today he was bringing his friend Tommy Russell to record some saxophone on his song Summer Come and Gone.Tommy Marshall and Me getting ready to record some of his Saxophone prowess using the Shure SM7B and Cascade VinJet Ribbon Mic

Tommy brought one of his saxophones in to play. He has recorded in countless other projects and many different styles of music. We decided to record the saxophone using two different microphones. I set up the sure SM 7B microphone which is a large dynamic microphone to record his saxophone as well as the cascade then jet ribbon microphone. The Vinjet is a long ribbon microphone skews me a long ribbon microphone and has a softer warmer tone. The SM7B tends to bring out more of the mid-range sound. Blended together they had a nice tone in the mix. After setting levels, Tommy ran through the song 1st time, and it was super.

Tommy Marshall and Myself at a session November 2013I was really really impressed with how much heart and soul he played with. Every single note that he played had purpose, with feel and tone, everything was just in the right spot. We decided to take another run at it just so we have “two in the bank” to choose from. It was easy to see that the recording was coming out just fantastic. The blending of the two microphones together gave just the perfect sound for what was going to work with Tim’s song Summer Come and Gone.

The summer weather was certainly Gone that day, with winds hitting 60MPH and the voltage in my studio dropping at one point to a dangerously low 90 volts… but Tommy is a “pros pro” and I look forward to having him in again to play on other client’s projects.