South Sound Sound Goes Mobile!

I am pleased to announce that I am now taking my high-quality studio sound to you. This is ideal if you are looking to record your project in your own setting or if you have a live show you would love to have recorded.  Contact me for specifics about how this can work for you.Mobile Studio Graphic

Great Mics and PreampsEffects AppliedFinal Polish and Listen
Sweet StudioLevels AdjustedOverall Volume Balance Adjusted
Friendly EngineerCool Plug-ins
Custom Spacing
Between Tracks
Record as a Band
Overdub Vocals
I'll ask for a
"reference track"
DDP Master Files Created
2-10hr Daily Blocks
7 days a week
Vocals are Pitch CorrectedYou Get Final Copies
For Your Approval
Free Tea!Collaborative ProcessUpload of DDP files to
Atomic Disc for Duplication
Weekend and Evenings AvailableFiles are emailed
Rough cut CD's are made
Digital files sent for Vinyl Pressing
Songs are Edited Prior
to Mixing
At this Point Your Music
Will Sound Professional
You're All Done!

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