V.O. in da Haus!

Steffen Wolffe Gets on the phone with His Client prior to his VO session, so they can listen in on the production.

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Sometimes it’s time to talk, sometimes it’s time to sing, this was definitely talking time!

Steffen Wolffe has hit my studio often on over the last couple years working on different voice over projects for commercial clients. Some of the projects include I-Swirl and Kraftwerk K9 (sample). Considered one of the best talents in the Puget Sound area for Voice Over narration, advertisements, characters and impersonations…he is fun to work with in the studio as you never know when you’ll get an impersonation of one of his favorite characters.
This time he’s in the studio working on a two minute spot as well as a 30 second commercial for a new company based out of the Seattle WA area.

Microphone Set up for Steffen's VO session. The mic is a GT SC5 mic using Audioquest Columbia Microphone cabling.

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Steffen and I have worked out the best combination of microphone preamp for his vocals over previous sessions. Set-up was a snap using my GT SE5 large diaphragm microphone through the Universal audio preamplifier for a balanced sound of his voice. With a quick call to get the clients on speakerphone we were off to the races.

This particular round of voice over work my main focus was simply to be the recording engineer. Steffen had the clients on speakerphone who were acting as producers on this project so my job was pretty straightforward.

After the session, the individual tracks were bounced out to WAV format and emailed to Steffen for further editing. They were then be sent to the client.

It may not seem difficult to record just a vocal, but it’s actually challenging to get a clear, full and professional sounding vocal in a studio, no matter how good your equipment. A big part of the credit of course goes to the talent as in anything, if the talent isn’t there it will show up in the recording. Luckily, Steffen’s attention to detail and quality of his craft shows in a great result! Long live VO!

-Jason Suko