Broke da Mouth

It’s time for some reggae music with this new band of four guys with bass player Kassidy(Oregon), lead guitar player Loren aka BLoo (Southern CA), drummer Jeremy (CA), and guitar player KC (Hawaii) who does guitar and lead vocal duties.  We’ll its not really all reggae per se, there is some pop, alternative and jam band mixed in there too!

'Broke da Mouth' during a session, at least 3/4 of them as Bloo (guitar is off frame left). Jeremy on drums, KC on guitar and Kassidy on Bass (on right)

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Now with all their roots planted in the Northwest the band has come in to lay down 4 new songs. What I like about these guys…music first, Facebook second! They came in to record these songs before they even having a band Facebook page up which I think is killer! The way it should be, focused on the music. I asked the guys what the band name meant and they said that it kind of loosely translates to “what tastes good”. If I was to describe their sound I would say it is kind of a pop, reggae dance rock, a really nice sound upbeat positive music with good energy.

Drummer Jeremy has a beautiful Yamaha drum kit with a natural finish tinted green with black accents, it is really cool looking and one of the nicest looking and sounding kits I’ve had in my studio to date. I really like Jeremy’s style-smooth even hand on the drums not overdoing drum fills etc. On guitar, KC he has a small fender amplifier playing clean rhythms through the single 10 inch speaker. I used the cascade microphones Vinjet long ribbon microphone to tame the high frequency of this sound and give the guitar more body as this typical Strat sound has a lot of bright tone.

BLoo gets in the zone through one of his guitar solos as we live track the tune...

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In contrast to this sound, BLoo played either his Strat or Les Paul through his Marshall amplifier head and twin 12 inch cabinet from a company called Splawn, which is a brand of cabinet I have not heard of before. It sounded good and with the myriad of pedals that Lauren like to use he was able to get a lot of different tones from the system.
The low-end for the band is enforced by bass player Kassidy who plays a five string bass. We experimented with his sound off of his combo Hartke combo amplifier with both the direct out and then a AKG D112 microphone on the front of the speaker cabinet. After recording and listening back to the sounds we decided to use the direct sound from his amplifiers Combo amp which gave more attack and growl, but clean at the same time.

KC (Guitar and Vocal) on the left and Jeremy (Drums) on the right...give me a pose during our session

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The second day we found after listening to the tracks that we needed to make a few adjustment on some of my mic choices for the drums. We needed the timbale to pop a bit more on the song Ordinary. We were then off to the races and in a second they are tracking songs. We finished up with vocals from KC.
After listen to these guys for two days I think their name is pretty appropriate because if their name translates to “what taste good” then I think their music is just good taste.

-Jason Suko

Side note: At the time of writing this, I’ve just finished the first round of mixes, and they are sounding stellar.  I’ve gotten the chance to use my newest plug in from Steven Slate Digital called Virtual Tape Machine.  It makes the mix sound full and thick like analog tape, more than ever.