Powered by HAL 9000

Istarii is a Alternative/Metal band that hails from the West Olympia. Fronted by the two brothers Luke and Rio, and backed by rhythm section Anders on drums, this three-piece hard rock band has unique sound. With influences from bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Nirvana they bring a fun, powerful and melodic energy to their songs.

Istarii - 2013 after the 2nd day in the studio... job well done. (L-R) Anders/Drums, Rio/Guitar, Luke/Bass/Vocals and me

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We set up to record from start to finish two songs spread over two evenings. We recorded the drums on the first day along with bass, and guitar basic tracks.

A couple unique things done on this project. I decided to have Rio double track his guitar parts. With one guitar player, one guitar, one Amp head, one cabinet that was the same I needed to add a little bit of variation. He was well rehearsed as he was able to knock out the tracks in relatively short order.

Rio's Fender Tube amplifier powered by 'HAL 9000' ....

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The first run was done with the Shure SM57 microphone while the second take was done with the Cascade long ribbon VinJet microphone (pictured). This gave a little color variation to the two takes so they weren’t quite identical in tone when recorded this way, then the takes will be panned hard left and right come mix down.

The other thing we did was with Lukes vocal. On the song “Evil Wind” he used a megaphone that I had purchased last year for just the right event to use in a song.  The guys were kind enough to give it a chance, and the distorted vocal will sit nicely behind the main vocal. It is fun to do these little production ideas “outside the box” as opposed to creating effects in the computer. I think things come out better that way, not to give too much power to the computer.  And isn’t balance what’s needed when the band you’re recording is powered by HAL 9000?

-Jason Suko

Luke from Istarii does his vocal take through the mini-megaphone that will be used to blend with a main vocal on a chorus

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