King Friday

So what happens when you get two talented musicians together in my studio who’ve known each other since the third grade? You get the new and up-and-coming group King Friday! With a potential record label deal squarely in their sites, Matt (vocals/guitar) and Alex (everything else) came my way to record their LP.

King Friday (L-R) Matthew Sweeney (Guitar and Vocals), Alex Folkerth (Drums, Bass, Guitar) and Me . 2013

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What we decided to do was set up the drums using my kick drum and Alex brought his toms, snare drum and symbols to add to the show. He plays on a Piccolo, a thinner snare, which had a nice crisp tone but yet full sound. His playing style is very controlled. Alex has a lot of experience and I found getting levels with him was quite simple in a lot of ways because when you have a drummer that is able to control his dynamics, it really helps the performance and the result shows in the recording. As opposed to live gigs, in the studio it’s not about how loud you can smash the drums or crash the cymbals but it’s all about control and getting the best tone out of the drum, and that is something he’s very good at.

Matt on acoustic guitar, getting warmed up for the days tracking

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At the same time I had his partner in crime Matt lay down a scratch vocal and acoustic guitar track both of which we would later replace with proper recordings.
After the basic tracks were all laid down and complete for the 10 songs we decided to move on to some acoustic guitar. Well, actually we went to lunch then we did some acoustic guitar… a mans gotta eat!

After lunch, Matt tracked tracked all of his acoustic guitar parts. He played each part on his nylon string laced guitar with good control and an even hand with practically no punch-ins!
Alex had a few guitar tracks to play as well so we decided to contrast Matt’s guitar with a brighter, more jangly guitar sound for his songs. The additional contrast was achieved by using a full, but darker ribbon microphone sound for Matt’s guitar and then a small diaphragm condenser microphone for Alex’s guitar.
We finished the day by having Alex lay down his bass lines. In keeping with a bit of the retro type sound, we mic’d up their Crate single 15″ cabinet and semi-hollow body bass guitar Alex would play, instead of going direct to the preamp. The microphone choice was the large diaphragm dynamic microphone from sure the SM7B. This gave a thick punching bass sound that worked nicely in the songs.

Alex on Acoustic Guitar during the tracking session

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Further overdubs including additional instruments, percussion and lots of vocals are still on the way. I’m looking forward to working more on this project soon and hope to have some samples for everyone to hear.
Stay tuned!
– Jason Suko