My New Reference

I’ve waited a long time, till the timing was right.  No time like the present I’d say.  I finally broke down and purchased a new pair of reference monitor speakers.  For those of you who who have been into my studio and have heard my JBL speakers you may wonder why I would replace such a nice sounding pair of speakers?  I would often get comments about how good they sound compared to what folks had at home to listen to.  I would admit that they rock!  I have always wondered if it was true about the “Truth” that the NS10s offered in translating mixes, after all you see them in all the world class studios…  What do I think so far?  I found them about startlingly different at first, but am quickly learning their “sound”.

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The Yamaha NS10M speaker was originally launched in 1978 and was never terribly successful as a HIFI speaker.  Often considered harsh in the upper mids and lacking low end I would admit that my JBL speakers are more pleasing to listen to.  The JBLs also had many more inputs and were self powered, but the one thing the the Yamaha speakers are known in the industry to excel at is allowing the engineer to mix in a way that will translate well onto all type of stereo systems “If it sounds good on the NS10s it will sound good anywhere” is often said.  And for me, this is the end goal that is critical, to deliver mixes that sound great on IPhones, earbuds, in the car, on your home stereo or even on laptop speakers….well, maybe not laptop speakers.  Nothing sounds good on a laptop, lets face it. Jason Suko Sitting in his control room with NS10M Yamaha Monitors

Click HERE for a more in depth reading about the history of the NS10.

-Jason Suko