…South Sound Sound Reaches a New Low…

Jason Suko with new GK amp model MB115 in 2014I’ve been looking quite a while for just the right opportunity to bring a new low (end) to my studio. That opportunity came recently in a happen chance of perusing through Craigslist ads looking for bass amplifiers available in the local area. If you’ve ever used Craigslist, and I’m sure most of you reading this have, you know that trying to find exactly what you are looking for can be a real trick and when you do find that perfect item, go get it! This was the case with the bass amp I just picked up this week.

It’s a “like new” condition Gallien Krueger MB115 bass amplifier combo. I had a chance to give it a run in a session just recently with Jared Estes who brought a jazz bass along for the ride which we plugged into the new bass amp taking it through its paces.
The MB115 has plenty of output to keep up with a large and loud rock group with its 15 inch speaker and 200 W class D amplifier. But what’s nice about this amplifier is the wide range of tone achievable ranging from smooth, scooped, thick or downright gnarly and fuzzy sounds all achievable from just twiddling a few knobs.

Gallien Krueger MB115 Bass guitar amplifier at South Sound Sound Recording Studios in Shelton Washington 2014This was exactly what I was hoping for. Because I get many, many different styles of music coming through my door, having the ability to taylor different sounds for different styles is a big plus. It also has a balanced XLR output on it for running direct into one of my pre-amps so I can blend both a mic’d speaker sound as well as direct sound, which we did on the session yesterday with Jared.
I couldn’t be happier with the bass amplifier. Sure there are better set-ups out there, but for what I do it’s just perfect, and I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to using this new found low-end in many more projects in the future.
– Jason Suko