Real Country….Check!

Although I have had groups here with influences of country I can now check off ‘real country’ from my studio bucket list. Local band Doubleback has just finished their album here at South Sound Sound, recorded, mixed and mastered. This has been one of the funnest projects for me, although I probably always say that because quite frankly all the projects that I work on are fun. I feel very fortunate to have great people to work with in the studio, it makes my job gratifying and this project was no exception.

Doubleback Country Band from Olympia Washington

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Dale Britton and the guys were very gracious with their time and effort, and I think the end resulting product is great. I wanted to do a follow-up little story on this so that you could hear a sample of the actual project that’s going to press as we speak for duplication. Watch their website regularly and check-in so you can get your copy soon and support the bands music.

Here is a selection from their new album, an original song by Doubleback entitled…”Drinkin’ To Get By”[embedit snippet=”doublebacks-drinkin-to-get-by”]

This is a screen shot session of the Country Band DoubleBack using PreSonus Studio One

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The above screenshot is what the mastering looks like with the different songs listed in the WAV forms at the bottom of the screen and song list at the left. The large blue area is a graphical display of the current song “Houston” that is playing. The green and yellow K-14 metering scale in the center represents the average loudness of the song and is how I determine how loud or hard to push a mix so it will compete in the marketplace. I work each track with special processing against each other to crate a coherent sounding album. Once the mastering was complete it was my time to listen to it in a myriad of different sources including headphones, my car, the studio, boombox, laptop… you name it.

Doubleback, including the wives of Doubleback members – the toughest critics 🙂 – gave their blessing to the finished product. I look forward to working with the band again in the future.

– Jason Suko