You Can Never Have Too Many Microphones

I recently had a session where the artist brought a microphone along.  I figured I would give it a chance.  It looked similar to an SM57 which I would usually use on snare drum or guitars.  The brand was Heil, which I had heard some good things about with their PR40 as a competitor to my Shure SM7B, so it and wasn’t a new name to me.  I decided to mic the snare drum, and shortly after hooking it up I knew I had to have one.  It had the same mid-range smack that the Shure has but more body and bite at the same time, which is typically what I end up EQing into the mix.  It also seemed to capture the snares of the drums better.  I decided to put a little video with audio clips together so you can hear the two microphones back to back on the same source.  Check it out. – Jason Suko

[embedit snippet=”heil-vs-sm57″]