Bringing the ‘Americana’ with Blue Laces


Lous VanCamp in the front and Andrew in the back take a break to listen back to a take

When Blue Laces band members Louis, Andrew, and Michael came to my studio I knew that I was in for a treat. I previously had the opportunity to work with Louis about a year ago when he played for a Jazz quintet as the guitarist. I was impressed with his feel, tone, and professional chops he brought to the table for that project-I knew I was in for more of the same. Although this session was stated simply as a demo project to be used as a launching pad to get gigs for the summer, these guys took it very seriously.

Michael helps me setting levels, we used Cascade Fathead II mics as drum overheads (gold microphones)

Set up was pretty straightforward being a three-piece band. We set the drums up, bass guitar 2×10″ combo amplifier, and Louis’ 70’s Fender Reverb guitar rig. There was nothing out of the ordinary with the recording set-up.  One thing, I or should I say, one sound caught my ear. Michael the had brought along one of his own personal microphones to use on the recording session, a Heil PR 22. I have heard of the Heil brand of microphones before with their famous PR 40 microphone, so I knew they were quality. After about 10 seconds of that microphone on the snare drum, I knew that it was a perfect match. It had a punch of a SM 57 but with the detail of a condenser microphone, just awesome, so much so that I actually put together a brief shootout, a video of it you can find HERE.
Three songs were tracked that day, with the basics of drums, bass and guitar. Afterwards, files were sent to Louis to continue on with him recording guitar solo work and lead vocals. He then mixed the project at a friends studio here in Olympia.

Michael and Andrew, co-workers and band mates, share a laugh just after tracking basic tracks

I’m looking forward to having these guys back to the studio later this year to do a full-length or EP album.

-Jason Suko

Have a listen to some of their finished tracks HERE.  Great job Louis!

Hometown: Olympia, WA
Genres: Blues / Americana / Rock
Members: Louis Van Camp (guitar), Andrew Helsing (bass), Michael Thompson (drums and vocals)Louis VanCamp Guitar set-up with the classic 70's Twin Reverb Tube amp