Recording is Hard Core with Burial Suit

Burial Suit is a hard-core metal band based out of Olympia. The band consists of four members: Austin on drums, Paden on guitar and lead vocals, Kofi on bass, and Kevin on guitar. They are basically a bunch of really nice guys, playing some really aggressive music. I have to say I had a lot of fun. This is the first time I have recorded music that was quite this hard, being part of the production from the very beginning to the very end.Burial Suit L-R:  Me, Kofi/bass, Kevin/Guitar, Paden/Guitar/Vocals and Austin/drums How it went down: I cleared out the studio of all my instruments- bass amp, guitar amp, drum set and everything else to make room for the guys when they got here. 3/4 of Burial SuitShortly after, they loaded everything in and quickly had everything set up and ready to go. I had Kofi help me set up all the drum microphones by running cables across the room to Austin’s drum kit. I did my typical drum microphone set up. Mics included inside kick, sub kick, snare top, snare bottom, hi-hat, Tom one, Tom two, overhead left, overhead right, and microphone I like to call “drum smash”. This microphone was my Groove Tube SC5 condenser microphone placed about 8 inches above the kick drum shell and facing down towards the pedal of the kick drum underneath one of the ride cymbals. I got the levels of the drums, then the bass guitar, then the two guitar rigs of Kevin and Paden, who both ran half stacks (4 12″ speakers each). Austin From Burial Suit Gets his Drums in OrderI asked the guys to do a preliminary run of the first song they wanted to record, holy crap these guys are loud! I kind of expected it, with this type of music, after all, how could you even have it any other way- it has to be LOUD! But it was also good, real good. Within less than two hours we had everything set up and we’re recording the first song. I found a couple microphones on the drums that were not quite right – being out of phase. One of the overhead microphones, and the sub kick needed a little bit of adjustment, so after moving those around and having the guys do another take, we were ready to go. Here is a sample of their music.[embedit snippet=”burial-suit”] After getting warmed up and doing a few runs of the first track, we decided to take a lunch break, we then came back refreshed recorded four tracks: an Intro track and songs called Isolation, Broken, and my favorite – Salesman.Kevin from Burial Suit and his Tele Kofi and his Fender P Bass with bass rig in the background, we are about ready to go, the lava lamp in the background is just starting to bubble... Although mixing hard-core metal, isn’t a genre that I do every day, I did not feel that it was going to be too far a stretch for me to record or mix.  I grew up listening to bands like Quiet Riot, Ratt and other hard rock bands later on from Metallica to the Henry Rollins Band. All in all it was a very successful session. The guys in Burial Suit had a lot of fun and so did I. I look forward to the next time I get a chance to do some hard-core recording. – Jason Suko