Big Bad’s First Time at South Sound Sound

Big Bad is a three piece rock band made up of members from the Olympia area. I was first contacted by bandmember Craig Moore, who plays guitar and sings the vocals for the group. He told me that they had been playing in the current iteration of the group for a few months. They’re looking to come to my studio to record a demo with so they can use it to get gigs and promote the band….I’m in…

Brad Hinson on drums from Big Bad

We set up on a Tuesday night and mic’d the drums which were manned by Brad Hinson, a big Portland Trailblazer fan (not that you can tell by what he’s wearing). He got the full compliment of microphones…I used mics on inside kick, a subkick on the outside, snare top, hi hat, his three rack toms, a pair of overheads, and then the drum smash microphone placed about a foot above the kick drum out in front of his toms. Initially, the drum sound was pretty good, but we had to make a few adjustments with the tone of a couple of the toms and a couple rattles here and there. After some adjustments by Brad, I took a listen to the phase correlation between the different microphones, made a couple tweaks, and we were good to go.  A great drum sound was now achieved!


Craig Moore from Big Bad

We set up a ribbon microphone in front of Craig’s guitar amplifier. He played through an Epiphone hollow body guitar and hand wound distortion pedal by Digitech. Craig’s sound from his guitar amp was pretty cool. He is admittedly a reverb hound, ie: the more the better… It is a different sound than I’ve recorded before yielding a lot of spring reverb. We had the volume of the amplifier turned up so the guitar was nearly pushing to feedback in the room when he played.


Craig Moore's guitar set up with Big Bad

The low end of the tracks were handled by Danny Salas. We took a direct out from Danny’s bass guitar through my custom direct box and then into the Universal Audio pre-amplifier, to be re-amplified later on my studios bass combo amp. He added a little extra grit to the bass tone with an in-line “big muff” bass pedal. This type of effect can be effective to add a bit of distortion to the bass sound as it smooths things out and helps allow the bass to punch through the mix bit more.



Danny Salas on Bass from Big BadAt the point of typing this, we have finished all of the basic tracks, and are taking a break for a week before we prepare for the final

vocal recordings. This is a great bunch of guys, and I look forward to working with them on more projects in the future with samples for everyone to hear soon.

Little fun fact, the drummer Brad paid played the baritone tuba in the fifth grade, like the one hanging on the wall in my studio.I saved this baritone Tuba from a demolition project at a Ruby Tuesdays restaurant before it was going to get tossed in the it lives at South Sound Sound on the wall...

-Jason Suko