Add some Brass to The Hard Way’s “All In This Together”

The local rock group The Hard Way from here in Olympia Washington have been working with me on recording their new EP. One of their tracks entitled “All in this Together” called for a horn section to be played so the guys called in the troops. That troop happen to be some very capable musicians from the Oly area.  Scott and Skyler from The Hard Way brought in trombone player Mark Stout, trumpet player Syd Potter, and saxophone/multi-instrumentalist John Croarkin.

John Croarkin warms up on his saxophone for this recording session, April 2014 at South Sound Sound Recording Studio.

Mark Stout (Trombone, foreground) and Syd Potter (Trumpet, on couch) prepare for their recording session at South Sound Sound

To record the performance of the brass players I decided to use my Cascade Fathead short-ribbon microphones set up in a stereo pair about 12 inches apart on a bar.  We could aim them to control the variation in volume of instruments, offer a good stereo image, and position the artists so they could work as a group. We set the musicians back 3 to 4 feet as you can see from the short video clip and then let them play the section repeatedly with direction from Scott and Skyler until guys got just what they’re looking for. The final mix result will blend two takes with slight variations in playing to create a nice big sound for the new song which will be available soon. Stay tuned.

– Jason Suko