The coolest thing since the condenser microphone?

Ever since I opened my studio, I’ve always wanted a system that could do custom headphone mixes in an easy, efficient way, especially if it puts this power in the hands of my clients. Now I can, with this marvelous device- it slices, it dices, but wait there’s more!….

This most recent purchase for South Sound Sound is a headphone distribution system made by a company called Furman. The system allows for custom headphone mixes controlled by a small mixing station (picutred with me) that the musician can control themselves. I locate these units out in the live room next to the talent.  I’ve had the chance to use this in a number of sessions so far, with great results. It enables a custom mix of drums, bass, guitars, and vocals each blended together to the particular taste of the artist.  One can also bypass that mix and listen to a stereo mix of their song that I’m in charge of.

This is the main control box for the system that resides in my rack of gear, and occasionally has twinkling red lights...

The system consists of a main control box which I have rackmounted in my main control room. Outputs from my interface run to this control box, with a total of six outputs. I set up a custom template in the computer interface that allows me to route any track that I would like to any headphone volume control.  Two CAT5e cables run from this master control box to the first station, then daisy-chaining to each additional station, for easy set-up.

HR-6 Furman Mixing stations in the recording studio at South Sound Sound, allowing the musicians independent headphone mixes. Now everybody's happy...

The bottom line, I love this new system, makes my job easier, makes musicians happier, and isn’t that what it’s really all about?

– Jason Suko