Trent Crawford – A Hybrid Approach

5/17/2014 2:43:58 PM

Sometimes, certain songs call for a “hybrid” recording approach. What I mean by hybrid, is recording a song using both traditional analog recording techniques like recording acoustic guitar, vocals and other acoustic instruments, and then marrying that with digital instruments within the computer. When I met singer-songwriter Trent Crawford, and heard him play and sing songs, his uncluttered song writing style of alternative rock music, with an acoustic twist got my mind spinning. His style left room for other instruments that could be added in to help flush out his vision.Trent Crawford working on his acoustic guitar tracks

Trent and I got to work. I appreciated his openness, and willingness to have me suggest additional parts to his music, some parts which he would perform, and others I would. Case in point – the song “Oxie Daisy” with sample here. It’s a song that uses a computer drum loop for the kick drum and rimshot snare which we used during tracking which just seemed to fit so we kept it.  then Trent added acoustic guitar, doing lead vocals, backing vocals, and tambourine. To give extra interest in the verses we recorded a simple acoustic box drum, to supplement the kick drum was driving through that section.

After those parts were recorded, we felt that the song need a little bit more to give it an extra touch of emotion so I suggested a cello, slowly playing in the chorus sections to add some extra interest instead of a bass guitar. As it turned out, Trent can play piano as well, wasn’t that a nice surprise! So he put down a great little lead line via MIDI for the virtual cello patch in my Cubase software called “slow cello”. Finally, I added some very simple cymbal swells leading in and out of the core sections to help transition the drum loop from part to part.

I think this song turned out very nice. I know that Trent is very happy with it and I look forward to working on more projects with him in the future. – Jason Suko