Danny T – Am I Wrong

I had R&B artist Danny T in to sing, first time to South Sound Sound, but certainly not the first time into a recording studio.

He came to me looking to cover a song called “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz. I brought an instrumental version of the track into Cubase 7, and set up three mics to determine which one would work best with his voice in the context of the song. After giving me a vocal pass of verse and chorus we decided that the best mic for him was the Sterling ST 77 large diaphragm condenser microphone running through the universal audio pre-amplifier. It had just the right amount of clarity in detail for this project, my first impression of his voice was, ‘…awesome, this is going to be a good session’.Sterling ST77

I was unfamiliar with this song or arrangement, so hearing the product unfold for me was a real treat. Danny T laid down a lead vocal, doubled leads, backing tracks and more backing tracks and layer upon layer the song came together in a very delightful way. Toward the end, we even recorded a distorted vocal using a little megaphone as you can see in the picture. You will hear this vocal dropped back in the mix during certain sections of the verse.

Danny T onto mic #2

Danny T’s clear and controlled vocal set up on top of the mix with command and clarity in a powerful way. After listening to this song many times over during the session, my ears perked up the other day when I heard the same song on Spotify. Although the original by Nico & Vinz is a bit different the one we recorded, I actually prefer Danny T’s interpretation we cut in the studio to the one I heard online. Kudos to Danny T for his super vision of vocal arrangements, killer execution and great voice.

Have a listen…