Hot Hoodoo – New Album – Last Show!!!

Hot Hoodoo has a new album release and is tearing up the South Sound music scene.  Sadly I just learned the current line-up of the group will be disbanding with one more show lined up at Fringe Fest on September 27th.  Find out more about the show on their FB page here. Here is a little back story on the guys latest recording project and why you should go see this group jam it one last time!

IMG_5810 Josh, Tyson and Grant headed to South Sound Sound recording studios for their third recording project with me earlier this summer. This time it is a full length 10 song LP, including new versions of the songs Bugs, Winter, Sophist, Sunshine and Mother Liquor which they previously recorded here in their first visit to the studio. These songs were re-worked with more than just a superficial polish, but the new versions have the underpinnings of the originals but with a new flare and energy.  Each time the guys have returned to the studio their comfort level has increased, each time they come to the studio their musicianship has improved and each time they come in their songs continue to deliver quality and interest taking the listener on an auditory journey in alternative rock  music with additional progressive and grunge twist. With extensive amounts of gigging under their belts recently, the guys we able to to take most songs in just a couple tries. A perfect example of such was the new driving upbeat song “Butts” — Nailed in first take!  

IMG_5806The instrument set up in the studio was done in much the same way that this three piece would in a practice setting. They had rehearsed the songs without doing vocals so we were able to track without using headphones. Grant with his drums set up in the drum corner, Josh with his bass rig in another and Tyson in a third. I set up GOBOs on the guitar and bass to help minimize the sounds from those instruments being picked up too much into the drum mics. This allowed the guys to hear themselves naturally in the room and really feel the performance. Tyson even made a comment that he need to move more out into the room away from his rig as he wasn’t used to being able to hear himself from his amp. Funny.

This was the first session using Josh’s new bass rig in all of its glory. It’s the same bass guitar as in the previous sessions but he brought his new Ampeg 8 x 10″speaker cabinet and Ampeg bass head, a real monster. I took a direct XLR out of the bass head and also used a Shure SM7B large diaphragm dynamic microphone on one of the speaker cones… blended together the two had deep bass and the the DI added some nice punch. On some songs Josh would engage his fuzz pedal to give some extra growl like on the song “Butts”, which sometimes comes across as a second deep guitar.IMG_5805IMG_5800IMG_5801
For Tyson’s guitar rig, he played his Telecaster through a Bassman 30 head and small 4 x 12″ speaker cabinet. He worked his magic on the guitar through VOX and MXR distortion pedals and a Liquid Chorus pedal that he would work on and off in different sections of songs for dynamic change.  In some sessions I might record these tones on different tracks, here we just adjusted for volume and let ‘er rip.  Most all of Tyson’s solos were taken live during the takes to capture that natural feel and energy of playing it live.  There is always that healthy bit of pressure knowing that if you get it wrong, we’ll need to cut the whole track again. Acoustic guitars were recorded with a pencil condenser microphone.

After recording we moved to mixing, then after a few edits, on to mastering. The project turned out great and I encourage you to pick up a copy at their last show!