Sparks of Water Add Two New Tracks to Their Musical Library

Sparks of Water and friendsThe husband and wife duo Sparks of Water recorded and released a new project. Two new songs were added to the mix, “Tell Me Something New” and “Love Mistake”.  Recorded in April and May of this year they feature song writing by Cameron and Michelle. Acoustic guitar and comic relief by Cameron and angelic vocals by Michelle. We initially tracked Cameron’s acoustic guitar in the live room while Michelle sang a scratch vocal track in the control room to a click track.  We then cut Michelle’s final vocals as well as Bass and string section work that I added.

Steve_Lee_Recording_Studio_Session_for_Sparks_of_WaterDrums and percussion by the ever popular Steve Lee pictured here as he is warming up for the session.  We used a combination of my studio kit and his snare and cymbals. Mics included short ribbons for overheads and large “drum smash” mic as I call it placed above the kick drum facing down which gathered a good balance of kick, snare and tom work.



Evelina_doing_Backing_vocals_for_love_MistateAdditional backing vocals on “Love Mistake” by their friend Evelina, pictured here as she gets ready to step up to the mic.

This was a real fun project, as it always is working with this group.  They are very special people with huge hearts and are willing to share their beautiful music will all!  I would encourage you to click over and listen these tracks and others they have posted to share. Listen here at Sparks of Water’s website.