Hope In Heart – Killer Pop Punk

IMG_0463 IMG_6114So what do a couple guys from the local area who are in a metal band do when they’re not happy with the direction the band is taking? They step away to form Hope in Heart. This two-piece powerhouse came to me with a vision of recording fun upbeat pop punk music.  The kind of music reminiscent of artists such as Bowling for Soup, Sum 41, and Blink 182.  Bringing back the genre that heavily influenced the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Members include Buddy Whisman on guitar, bass, and vocals and Alex Richter on drums. So how do you go about recording a powerhouse sound with just two members? Well, when you have two really talented musicians like these guys and a modern day workstation that gives you unlimited tracking, it makes the job easy. To start the guys are set up with headphones so they can control their own headphone mix.   Then we set up the drums using a hybrid combination of my kit and parts that Alex brought himself.  Then set up Buddy in the corner with his half-stack amplifier and let the volume fly.

IMG_6117  During the tracking, I set up a scratch vocal mic so Buddy could sing.  This allowed him to get into the groove of the songs and help the bands energy flow, ensuring they nail their parts.  After the initial tracking of guitar and all of the drum parts, we layed down additional tracks, doubling the guitars and adding bass.  Finally it was time for vocals.  With only one or two takes, Buddy was able to deliver with little need for overdubbing.

After tracking I jumped into the mixes using some of their reference tracks while still making sure that I wasn’t too far off base for that pop punk sound they were hoping for.

I had fun perusing through different tracks for reference as suggested by the guys including some from Bowling for Soup (great band by the way), and Sum 41. I think the end result for Hope in Heart sounds killer!  Have a listen and keep your eye out for these guys!