Big Bad

Brad Hinson on drums from Big BadBig Bad…It’s more than just a clever name.  It’s a group of three local musicians with an aggressive rock blues influence.  Craig Moore on guitar and vocals, Danny Salas on bass, and Brad Hinson on drums.

I was initially contacted by Craig to record their group.  When the guys came in, they had decided to record an EP to help with promotion.  We recorded all the tracks with the primary instruments all done at the same time.  Each band member had headphones and their own headphone amplifier for creating a custom mix.  A mix specific to their needs during tracking.  You can see a picture of the amplifier box – it’s small and gray on Brad’s (the drummer) right.

Craig, the guitar player, primarily played an Epiphone hollow bodied guitar throughCraig Moore from Big Bad his Vox 2 x 12 cabinet with tube amplification.  We crank the sucker up to really drive it to the point of feedback.  A kick ass way to get great tone.  Craig also opted for using a man-sized amount of spring reverb out of the guitar amplifier, which was a bit different from what I normally record.  I’m a big fan of committing to sound during the recording process as it makes things easier to mix down the road.  In keeping with that theme I chose the long ribbon microphone as the mic of choice to give a big fat chunky sound for the guitar.

Bass player Danny was on an Ibanez four string bass.  We sent the signal through distortion pedals to add a bit of fuzz to the tone.  Then, finally, into a DI routed to my interface for some punch and clarity.  I used a Universal audio preamp, blending a fair amount of tube to add just a little bit of extra warmth and fuzz.  After all the Danny Salas on Bass from Big Badtracking was complete we headed to vocals.

The band took a few months off after this first round of recording and then came back into the studio for a second run, which was a blast.  We powered through the new songs they had, ultimately completing 10 tracks as well as an extra bonus track.  A bonus track titled Practice Jam or PJ for short. With a single take the guys nailed it, showing me their ability to play as a group and just jam.  Truly impressive.

I’m looking forward to seeing this group play live and you should too.  Make sure to snag your copy of their new album available now.  Here’s a sample of one of the songs we recorded so you can hear some of the flavor they have.

Big Bad and me