The Straws Take the Studio for an Epic LP

Man, what I would have done to have the talent of these guys at their age!!!  Their music is solid, fresh and unbridled. From classic rock, punk, prog rock, alternative to folksy stuff this album really covers it all.  The guys from “The Straws” have a very bright future in front of them and I was super pleased to get the chance to be a part of their biggest recording project to date. This session was not for the faint of heart either.  They pushed hard in the studio and we worked through a total of  15 tracks, with a play time of nearly 70 minutes, the album will take you on a real musical journey showcasing their varied and special musical taste.

There was never a dull moment with these guys, they obviously love playing as a group together as the jokes were constant.  But when it came time to get to business the guys were focused. We tracked all the instruments at the same time including drums, Bass, and the two Guitars in the live room at the same time so we could capture the live and coherent feel that they so often produce at their live shows. We also set up a scratch microphone for some vocal cues that Aiden (VOX/BASS) could use to help guide through certain sections. Main tracking was done over a Saturday and Sunday.  We cut vocals and additional guitars in a couple evening sessions and things moved along pretty smoothly. Vocal duties were taken care of by each of the three guys, Aiden, Duncan or Zachary as all took turns at singing leads…cool and unusual.

I was a bit nervous on this project as it was the first session to use my new Midas Mixing console. Jason Suko at Control Desk - CopyBut things went off without any technical issues and the sound that the board produces is just top notch.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming CD release party for the guys coming up soon. Have a listen to a sample track and check them out on their FB and Bandcamp pages!


Matt ready to play-   "The Straws"

Matt ready to play- “The Straws”

Aiden from "the Straws", has it been a long day?

Aiden from “the Straws”, has it been a long day?

Duncan from "the Straws" working a guitar solo

Duncan from “the Straws” working a guitar solo

Zachary works the guitar "the Straws"

Zachary works the guitar “the Straws”