Full Moon Radio – Best Mother

Now is the time to pick up the new Full Moon Radio LP released. I had the privilege of recording with these talented and driven musicians as part of their latest release titled “Best Mother”. In the summer of 2014 we met at the studio and tracked 10 songs for their new album including a re-record of their popular tune “Undead” to go along with some sure to be hits like “Ember”.

These hard working women have made steady progress in making a name for themselves in the local music scene, and with his latest album I think they have taken their craft to a to a new level. Existing FMR fans will not be disappointed as there is certainly the FMR signature sound present. After a few days of tracking we moved onto mixes and then after a few revisions the project was ready to head to K records for Mastering.  The finished vinyl pressing sounds and look great.Full Moon Radio picFull Moon Radio Album

When a group comes to my studio to record and brings me in, includes me in the production process, I feel like another member of the group, helping them achieve a killer final product. With this project there was  a lot of listening, experimenting and pushing to make sure we all did the best we could. Getting into the trenches with them, I can tell you FMR put their blood, sweat and tears into this project.

Have a listen then buy their album!