Puro Domador – records vocals for their music video Tu Profeor

Freddy from the group Puro Domador contacted me about recording some vocals for a music video they were looking to film here in the great northwest.  The music backing tracks were sent from their collaborator and mixer in Mexico so we could track the vocals for the song.

We did a short mic selection shootout for Freddy’s vocal and landed on the Groove Tube SC5 which we found had the nicest compliment to his voice. It was my pleasure to record this group of guys, fun and witty, I was made to feel welcome in their group.  Although I didn’t understand the lyrics being sung (I opted for German in high school) I could tell when recording them that they have a blast together and are a tight knit group.

Freddy sent me a link to their music video for this song Tu Profesor.  Have a look and listen VIDEO LINK

domador 2015 flyer