8 On A String – 15 Songs of Family Fun

One of the main reasons that I run my recording studio, is that I get to meet and work with new and diverse groups of people and have them become part of my musical life. Over the last couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the Nakhla family. The Nakhla’s are great people.  I’ve had a blast working on their new family LP entitled HOME. This family’s music is very much woven into their lives and is evident by how Anne-Marie and Paul raise their super kids. All of the members in the family play musical instruments and sing while having a lot of fun together.  I don’t know if everybody was just on their best behavior while in my studio but the kids never got after each other like I did with my brother and sister and instead were very supportive 🙂

The songs that we recorded for this album vary in musical style from modern pop songs out of movie soundtracks to classic hymns. Many of the tunes have an underlying pull of bluegrass and folk as most of the kids are avid players of fiddle, violin, cello, mandolin and acoustic guitar.Home Back Cover

Evening sessions were lots of fun, setting up multiple microphones to take full performances of four and five players at a time. I was kept on my toes by the different types of instruments recorded in the songs, as one song might have electric piano, guitar, mandolin, fiddle or cello, along with vocals. We recorded much of it as we could and one take with many playing at the same time. The age ranges of the kids span from 7 to 15 and parents Anne-Marie and Paul made it a point to make sure that they all were involved with playing and singing. This is a true family band production.  8 On A String perform at different events and concerts around the area and call Shelton their home.  I look forward to our next musical adventure together.

8 on a String Concert (2)

Check out a song on their latest CD in the sound snippet below. Click to visit their website HERE and purchase their new album.

– Jason Suko