Pumphouse – Local Classic and Modern Rock Band

The Olympia based classic rock band Pumphouse contacted me to hit the studio for a quick and dirty demo they could use to help promote their band. Included members: Maria Shimshock keys/vocals, Bill Seibold guitar/harp/vocals, Wayne Vertheen guitar/vocals, Steve Mazepa keys/harp/vocals, Ed Hess bass, Terry Brodsky drums/vocals.  Their music is based on fun hit tunes from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s and they play around the Puget Sound area at parties, clubs and another events.

Band Image

We set up at my studio in one evening on a Tuesday getting levels for Terry’s drums as well as levels for Steve’s keys, and both guitar rigs for Wayne and Bill.  This made the next evening when we would record go quicker by just needing to check levels and add in Ed’s bass rig, a new GK bass amp head that still had that “new gear smell”.  We recorded 10 songs over the next two nights with full arrangements for songs such as China Grove, Love Shack, Play That Funky Music, Pump it up and Here for the Party.   The groups accomplished musicians with previous studio experience had no issue recording good takes and we had very little overdubs.  After all the instruments were recorded I set up 4 microphones and we cut the lead vocals and all backing vocals.

Getting to know this group has been a lot of fun as they are great people!  The final demo CD they now have sounds professional and will get them in wherever they want to go.  A couple weeks after recording I went with my wife to see them live at a local Eagles club event and they put on a great show.  Pumphouse takes great care in how they sound and the show they put on.  Great!

– Jason Suko