Mixing Outside the Box

Recently South Sound Sound has made some valuable upgrades that has brought my mixing “outside the box”.  

For the first five years I’ve been producing music here, all of my recording, mixing and mastering has been done entirely digitally.  Instead of mixing inside the box (computer), I’ve made an investment that has brought my work to a sound quality that has achieved a performance level to rival any other studio.


Aurora 16 Channel AD/DA Converter

I brought in a Aurora 16 channel professional grade analog-to-digital converter.  This impressive new piece of gear converts the analog sound that I record into digital ones and zeros.   This revelation allows for analog summing. Although this may sound like the beginning of a nasty math problem, it is simply playing each instrument of the song on its own track through the mixing console which sums them into a stereo mix.  This is then routed back into the computer for final processing.

MIDas_Mixing_console - Copy

Midas Venice F 32 Track Console

I have noticed a pronounced improvement in clarity, transparency and the overall detail of sound using this process. The feel or dynamic of a song or mix can be forged to where I want it with less effort than before. For instance, I can now enhance the sound of recordings to have a certain vibe to them. The overall punch that is created by this new process is more than I expected and brings my sounds to an exceptional, modern level.  I am stoked with the quality and efficiency of the mixes that are coming out. 

I hope that you can join me in my studio and experience this new quality of sound performance for your very own project.

Jason Suko