Unconventional in the Studio

Coming from Olympia is a band with a genre name different from anything I’ve heard before. Unconventional calls their style “crappy pop punk”.  If you have the disbelieving look I think you have on your face, go and check them out on Facebook.   That’s actually what it’s called.

Tyson (Left) and Abe (Right) from the band Unconventional listen back to a take

Tyson (Left) and Abe (Right) from the band Unconventional listen back to a take

Despite the self deprecating genre title, it actually is really good music and great to listen to.  These guys are loads of fun and  I’ve been fortunate enough to have them in the studio a couple times to record a much anticipated album.   It’s really cool working with the band who have the uplifting standpoint that the most important thing about music, is having a good time and not taking yourself too seriously. The whole team includes lead singer and bass player Tyson, drummer and back up vocalist Freddie, and guitarist/vocalist Abe.


Freddie on Drums

Freddie from the band Unconventional lays down some drum cymbal accents for one of their songs.


In typical South Sound Sound fashion, we record everything live (guitar, bass, drums and scratch vocals) all at once, giving a great layout as to what the song will turn out to be.  Each track requires only a few takes till the guys are happy with what is coming out.  This makes the songs have a simple layout to them without having to deal with all of the overdubbing that can take away from the live quality of the sound.
I’m looking forward to the rest of this fun project, which will result in a new, far from crappy, album some time later this year. You can find clips of their music on Facebook or listen to the song here titled “Not Good Enough”.