Henry Mansfield and the Bearded Scooter Gang

Henry Mansfield and his great gang visited my studio recently.  They busted out three new tracks, one of which is called Mascarpone. You can check out his video release of this song below.

This great track includes the lead vocalist, Henry, on the piano, while Gus Meyer is pounding on the drums.  Also, there’s a great trombone that can be enjoyed thanks to Jackson Boreck.   Additionally, trumpets are played by Kira Newell and flew in via the net.  And wrapping it all up with backing vocals and bass guitar is Serena Dominguez.
Trombone Session

Jackson Borek cutting trombone parts to the Cascade Vin-Jet long ribbon microphone.

Henry Mansfield cutting vocals on the Shure SM7B

Henry Mansfield cutting vocals on the Shure SM7B

Sounds of the drums were mic’d up with a number of different microphones which was recorded live with Henry’s electric piano, bass DI and scratch vocals.  All of this recording scooted by in a quick session, giving the track a powerful, fun feel.  It was an absolute blast working with these guys and I’m stoked to help produce this great music. Have a view!