Slim Pickins… Pick Three and Get ‘er Done

Olympia based country roots band Slim Pickens hit South sound sound last month. They decided to pick three tracks ( two covers and an original song) to record in one session. This would be used as demo material. Creating the sound for the piece included standup bass player and vocalist Thad Williams, Singer and guitar player Ana Wright, harmonica player Mike Burdorff and Matt Balder holding down the rhythm on drums. Because the angle of this project was to get the best possible sound, all tracks were recorded live as a group including vocals. The outcome was three fantastic, full songs that sound anything but slim. The session moved along quickly with the fun upbeat music and the group was a real treat to work with. I look forward to their upcoming EP later this summer. I’ve included a clip of their original track “Mary Lee” for you listen to. Visit their Facebook Page  and check out their calendar for upcoming shows.