SOS – Shouting Our Secrets release Memories in Melodies

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Shouting Our Secrets is an Olympia based rock band releasing the fantastic EP album “Memories in Melodies”.
I met the bandleader Michael Muggy a couple months ago as he approached the studio, letting me know that he and his band had a project in the works. (As a back story, it turns out that Michael and I had similar stomping grounds in the Seattle music scene of the 90s). He said that Shouting Our Secrets needed additional help to finish recording for their new album. I set up times to meet Michael and we began the process of recording vocals in concert to the tracks taken at another studio.

Five songs later, we’d added different flavors to each track within those songs and had a lot of fun doing so. Michael did a great job at perfecting the studio recording. Being a veteran of the live gigs, he’s able to project his voice clearly and with a great tone. This very professional aspect, along with the fact that he’s very open to collective feedback, made the whole session sweep by cleanly and without ego (cue the pun on one of their track’s names: Ego¬†*inserts drum-fill*) There is a lot of interpersonal story telling that goes along with an album like this, and there was no compromise with making sure the end result was exactly what this band was hoping for. I’m always happy to be able to help that happen.

I have a snippet of their song “Gone” listed here. It’s one of my favorites of this five song EP project and I encourage you to have a listen and check out Shouting Our Secrets’s Facebook page for wowing upcoming events and learn more about who makes up the group.

Jason Suko

Shouting Our Secrets Facebook Page