Daniel Schauer’s new EP Father and Sons

fathers-sons-album-coverDaniel approached me to help him with one primary goal in mind: to make his musical tracks the best they possibly could be. To take the recorded songs  up a notch would ultimately require recording some new lead vocal tracks and remixing the songs.  I was able to go over everything with a fresh perspective and willingness to take some chances with the mixes.  That is the benefit of not being so close to the songs. As a producer, I get to hear nearly complete songs for the first time, and I often detect things in the mixes that can become impossible to hear after listening to the song so many times.  You know. . .  the catchy kind you hear so often you start dreaming the lyrics and accidentally quoting the song to people. Daniel  has great songs, varying in style and creating interest in his album.

danielOverall his tracks were well produced, and the effort he has put into them shows.  Here is  snippet of my favorite track from the project Father and Sons titled 6 strings. To hear more of Daniel Schauer’s music and support him as a musician please visit his reverb Nation site, link here.