Four Part Harmony Makes the Studio a Lovely Place

An evening with Sue Herman’s singing group resulted in the recording of her new song “Psalm 84: To the Living God, How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place” in her signature Gospel and Piano genre. The names of group members: Zachary Goodwin, Kari Hasbrouck, Sue Herman and Bob McKenzie Sullivan

To record this piece, I first set up a scratch vocal microphone with Sue in the main control room. This allowed her to be behind the glass so the piano could be isolated in the other room. To record the piano, I had set up a pair of studio mics close to each other for stereo effect. Piano was played by Kari Hasbrouck and set up in the live room in a way that Sue and Kari could see each other and perform the song in unified profession. After only a couple takes we had the guide acoustic piano track down. We moved the piano back and set up 4 vocal microphones in the live room for all singers. The song had lovely 4 part harmonies. We tracked all vocals in a couple passes, as a group, and then again a couple passes with each person singing by themselves.

The finished tracks were given to Sue so she could do the mix an master in her Studio One software. So now to all of you who are sitting in your lovely dwelling place. . . take a listen and enjoy this snippet of the final result, or check out the video on You Tube LINK HERE