An Audio Book for Relationships Over 40 Releases – Magic at Midlife

Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck at South Sound Sound During recording book reading

Jennifer’s getting ready to record here audio book surrounded by isolation baffles to quiet room voice reflections.

Here, I present to you “Magic at Midlife:  Your Relationship Roadmap for Romance After 40.” Jennifer has just released this new audio book and it is available t, so check it out!

Like any recording project that I do, it’s important to get the sound at the source so that the sound is as clear as possible. I set up a microphone for Jennifer and pulled most of the sound baffles I had in the studio off the walls and set up a basic circle around her like a musical Stonehenge. Someone needs to make that the name of a band by the way (get on that, all ye history geeks) Anyway, setting up the panels in this manner allowed for isolating her voice from the rest of the room to minimize echo. Everything needed to be as quiet as possible. With a little bit of warm up Jennifer jumped right in and did a fantastic job reading the book. We spent most of the day recording her voice for different chapters. Then I went through and edited to each section as would typically be done in voice-over recording’s to clear out any unwanted pauses or noises. 

I find these projects are interesting to listen to, learning from the work of the author and their own unique output.  There’s an audio sample you can find by following the link below have a listen to a synopsis of what the book is about.

Audio book sample on Audible along with summary of the book.

Magic at Midlife Facebook Page