Jared Estes At Mill Creek Motel

Jared Estes is an awesomely creative artist who I’ve been collaborating with for a number of years. With his multifaceted music, creativity, and energy, Jared always brings a lot of punch to his one man show. This prolific song writer is heavily influenced by a variety of music styles such as blues, experimental, folk, and classic rock. He is also able to play all of the instruments on his album which include the drums, bass guitar, guitar, and vocals.

jared-on-gtr jared-on-bass


jared-on-vox jared-on-drums














We also have been known to record some weird sounds and percussion instruments, even when the noises come from unlikely sources. In one of our sessions, I was moving a microphone and the stand made a funny squeaking noise. Jared looked at me and announced that the squeak of the stand should be recorded an added to one of his songs, allowing a whole new level of originality. That’s why I like working with Jared and watching as creative and unexpected instruments make their way into his album. Speaking of his album (called Mill Creek Motel), this is Jared’s first full length album as ‘Jared Estes’ proper. Have a listen to the music samples and follow his links to learn more.

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