The Straight, Demo-licious Facts

Everybody has the ability to record a demo; your mobile phone has that ability, handheld recorders and small recording systems can make a demo. The catch is that today’s marketplace of music requires successful music to have a high quality demo.

South Sound Sound Demo Mix TapeGone are the days of low-quality demo recordings.  No longer can you make excuses about your project and sound quality being just a demo. People who listen to demos professionally want to hear a finished studio quality recording that has professional clarity, performance, and speaks volumes (pun intended).  Whether it’s just for family or for a huge audience, your demo is the foundation on how well your music sells. 

A demo can be made by recording a project quickly. You want to limit a demo to five or six songs maximum.  South Sound Sound has been carefully set up to record all of the parts of a band simultaneously, with softer instruments or vocals cut live in the control room.  This flexibility allows for a quick and easy recording of entire groups of music for more demo related production. This also allows the added benefit of giving the musicians the ability to see each other during the tracking session and getting a super high-quality recording.   A quiet acoustically treated room and high-quality microphones are essential.

Usually a demo can be recorded in a single day with a group that’s prepared, including all vocal and guitar overdubs. Albums on the other hand require that the parts of the band record vocals separately, with more overdubs than a demo. When it comes to mixing and mastering the project, the demo usually has a shorter turnaround time for mixes with less revisions then a full album release. That being said, the end result still needs to sound professional, as first impression to a booking agent or club is everything!   Remember, a demo doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive but it does have to sound good.

Jason Suko
South Sound Sound
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