Graphite Daydreams – the Acousto-Electonico-Alternative Album by Bailey Docter

In case you missed it, Bailey Docter’s second full-length album was recorded at South Sound Sound and dropped this late August. The album is titled Graphite Daydreams. In Bailey’s own words, “Graphite Daydreams, as an album, is about exploring the thoughts and feelings that different people experience on a day to day basis.” This introspective look on her life shows the evolution of her music and character.Bailey Docter

For this sophomore release, she came to my studio with many of the songs she wanted to do fully flushed out from working in her home studio.  We put her backing tracks of electronic music in to the big SSS studio machine and then began laying her vocals on top. An example of here original songwriting chops showcase in tunes like “Pipedream Prom Queen”. Some of her songs also include some fun spin-offs of other songs done with her ukulele such as in the song “Hey Mario”. It is obvious that she takes her music very seriously and it shows in her song writing. We spent a handful of sessions, spread out over the summer, recording acoustic piano, ukulele and vocals. After recording were done I went on to mix and master the album. Graphite Daydreams is a creative and fun album.  Hear samples of her music and buy it on her website. Also, check out her Facebook page and support a talented local artist.

Bailey Docter Website