I Dream of VVItches

I Dream of VVitches

I Dream of VVitches

I Dream of VVitches

Yoin on vocals high energy_I Dream of VVitches

Yoin on vocals high energy

Pictures courtesy of Derig Reimse

The band that defies traditional spelling in the name of the band also plays their own brand of music, refreshing, different and supportive of each other, creating music with a vibe the energy and enthusiasm that translates into the music.

This was a fun session, met some new people Riley on Bass guitar and lead vocal, Yoin on the drums and Dreama on Guitar. Hailing from the Olympia area, this “Dark Vibe Nature Spell Punk” band brought 6 originals and two cover songs to the studio to perform. Great ambiance was set up by the group with candles, memorabilia, snacks and the lights lowered to get in the mood for the musical storm that was to come. To document the process, friend Derig was here at the studio snapping creative pictures of the best moments.  In order to capture the full energetic essence of the group I set up everything to be done live as a group and vocals as a scratch track.  For the recording we set up the studio kit for Yoin to play and mic’d it up in a traditional fashion and added a room mic to capture some of the extra energy that Yoin was crushing on the drums.

Riley on Bass and Vocal_I Dream of VVitches

Riley on Bass and Vocal

Bass was played by Riley through the Deep Six compressor pedal and direct out of the GK bass amp, then into the UA610 tube preamp for a warm and slightly distorted bass tone.

Guitar was played by Dreama, her FenderStrat style guitar through the studio Mesa 2×12 amp and mic’d up with the long ribbon Cascade microphone for a thick and grungy tone.

Yoin on Drums_I Dream of VVitches

Yoin on Drums

Each song only took one or two takes as to keep things fresh not kill the mojo they had going on during the session. After the basic tracks were done, we moved on to cutting Riley’s vocals for the songs.  Yoin joined in for backing vocals and a screaming lead vocal for the fast punk influenced “Instant Hesitation”.  This was a full day of recording the 8 songs  for the group and in near record time at that.

After tracking was done, I mixed the project and with just a few revisions went on to Mastering for the final product. Learn more about the group at the I Dream of VVitches Facebook Page.