South Sound Sound: Season Update ‘Let’s spring right into this!’

As winter fades, and fresh new color brightens our world, one thing comes to mind: Spring.  Spring is here, and with it fresh opportunities to start up a new project.  Here at South Sound Sound, it’s all about changing guitar and bass strings, tuning the piano and different instruments and reorganization.  This is all with one goal in mind:  a creative space for people to make music and gain inspiration.

AT 4050 Microphone

Spring is here!  It’s time to start fresh and get ready for a busy summer live concert season.  Now is the perfect time to write a new song or start a new music project.  Spring brings a new fresh exuberance to creativity and I want to help bring that creativity out for a bright spring mix.  Dust off your instruments; belt out your rhymes; come on in and make a masterpiece of your genius.

There’s a new season, fresh opportunities and no bounds to your imagination. We invite you to come in and spring into the new season.