Hannah Claire releases Partly Cloudy, a Pop Ukulele and Vocal LP

I had the pleasure of recording with Hannah Claire on her project “Partly Cloudy”.  This debut release features vocal and ukulele focus of original pop songs she wrote from life experiences.

Hannah Claire – Partly Cloudy Image Courtesy of Hannah Claire

For the recording process, songs were recorded with the ukulele to a click metronome track but without vocals. The ukulele was picked up by a single Audio Technica AT4050 large condenser microphone and routed through the Universal Audio SOLO 610 preamp and then DBX1066 compressor.  A direct signal was taken from the instrument through a Cinemag transformer DI box and into the system. This way the microphone sound and the direct sound could be blended together during the mix process for the best sound.

It is a tricky thing to record music without any vocal guide but Hannah was well rehearsed and up to the task. She did a great job.  She brought energy and enthusiasm to every vocal take which translates in the recording.  For the vocal chain, we ran through the same microphone/preamp/compressor chain we used for the ukulele.  We tracked 12 songs in total for this project.  To find out more about this artist and her music please have a listen to Partly Cloudy.