Five Buck Band: a band worth so much more than five bucks.

Five Buck Band were kind enough to pose for me at the end of a full day of recording

Mike Spilde, Tom Stanaway and Chuck Lange are the members of a fun pop and rock band called Five Buck Band. They hail from Seattle Washington and came to my studio with an exciting project. The session time for this project was donated by South Sound Sound as part of a gift, purchased by the band at the 2016 Children’s Hands On Museum Fundraiser in Olympia. You know what else was hands on? This recording session. Five Buck Band pumped out 17 full songs a single session, including covers of Closin’ Time, Kansas City, Billy Jean, and Hey there Delilah. This was very much a nod to how rehearsed and prepared their group was. Mike did rhythm guitar and vocals, Tom did Rhythm/lead guitar and vocals, as well as harmonica in a few songs, and Chuck did the Electric Bass.

Tom singing and playing on the tracking session

To get these demos out quickly, we did no overdubbing, simply placing the guys in a circle so they could all see each other and letting them jam away. This was also beneficial because they could play off each other’s timing.

The challenges of having this “live” demoing, if you will, were placing the microphones so that the sounds from different instruments and vocals didn’t bleed into multiple mics. This would mean that sound adjustments might affect the wrong instrument and leave everything sounding thin and washy. However, we were able to get the right sounds and the session went superbly!

Tom holds down the low end on his bass guitar

After one day of tracking, on top of mixing and mastering, Five Buck Band has 17 great songs that their fans are sure to love. Check out these guys’ music (in the track below) and take a peek at their Facebook Page to see if they have a gig near you. – LBS

Mike on guitar during tracking session