Silver Saturn – out of this world

David Goode on guitar, we were getting levels for the first song to track.

Silver Saturn is a soul, blues, rock & roll, and power pop band from Olympia and containing five members. Keith Baker playing guitar, keys, and vocals; David Goode doing vocals and guitar; Aaron King playing drums; Max Proffitt on the bass; Sean Walters with vocals and guitar.  These guys came into South Sound Sound to punch out a 2 song EP, “The Sweet Wrestle”, and released it Aug 1st on Bandcamp.

Recording these songs was a lot of fun – drums, bass, two of the guitars and keyboard were recorded live, with overdubs of vocals and additional electric guitar.  The two main vocalists, David (lead) and Sean (harmony), sounded really special together.  Their voices complemented each other’s really well and one didn’t outdo the other, which can be rare and quite unique.   The other band members also brought their A-games to these songs, instruments weaving in and out, allowing for a thoughtful and interesting arrangement.

Keith Baker getting the sounds he is looking for, we recorded this direct. You can see the headphone mixing boxes in the background that each member had to work out their own headphone mixes during tracking.

Keith and Max during tracking

Aaron King on drums during tracking session. The Cascade Fathead Ribbon mics can be seen above.

Max Proffitt on his bass guitar during tracking session. This was recorded with a DI through all tube signal chain.

Sean Walters working his Fender Strat during the session. This was recorded live with Davids guitar as well.

There are always lots of hand gestures needed when working on these kinds of musical adventures.

All in all, Silver Saturn were an absolute pleasure to have in my studio.  There’s a snippet of one of the songs below.   Here’s are some links on these great musicians.  Video. Facebook.

Check it out! – LBS