My biggest fan is…

My biggest fan is my wife Kris! SSS would not be what it is today without her. Sure, I turn the knobs behind the glass and make the music sound pretty but the real reason the studio is here is the unwavering support of my lovely wife.  It seems appropriate for me to say something about this after celebrating her birthday yesterday.

She has literally given up part of our home for the studio space (bonus room and garage). There is much that goes on behind the scenes here at SSS that she gives a hand- like designing the aesthetics of the studio, picking out furniture and interior design, booking clients, editing for mastering and cleaning up on Fridays (thank you!).  She puts up with my loud music on weeknights and weekends, makes the studio smell nice, keeps me grounded with my workload family balance and has great taste in music.  She truly is my biggest fan and I couldn’t do this without her.

-Jason Suko