What’s better than a high quality CD with some great music? Lots of CDs, of course!

Happy Labor Day Weekend y’all!!

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of having a physical CD of your work to give to fans.  Artists work hard to create great sounds, and CDs remain a top-notch way of storing and playing high quality music.  CDs allow a variety of options that other methods just don’t allow.  For one, it is simple to have cool, interesting graphics or pictures on your CD case, as well as room for a small pamphlet inside.  As for the actual CD, it is easy to use, doesn’t require access to the internet or a cell phone, like a lot of alternatives do, and the sound quality is top notch.

CDs are also pretty easy to manufacture.  South Sound Sound partners with Atomic Disc based out of Salem Oregon.  They offer super friendly customer service, vinyl pressing, and even green alternatives.   Their prices are low and they make CDs in quantities as small as 50 a batch.

So, when all is said and done with an artist or band’s project, South Sound Sound provides the mastered, industry-standard DDP file that will upload to Atomic Disc for your duplication needs.  Then (*drum roll please. . . *)  you can order your CDs quickly, easily, and cost effectively for a great sounding finish!  Let the cloning begin! – LBS