Nails Hide Metal – Breach – Atmospheric rock album release!

MeLinda Dalton and Russ Quinn make up the dynamic songwriting duo of Nails Hide Metal based in Portland, OR.

This recording has MeLinda on the drums, percussion, vocals and Russ on guitar, vocals and bass. Claiming a rock style with outside musical influences, their songs pull out driving rhythms, melodies and lyrics to create a really cool sound.

Day one was tracking day: we set up MeLinda’s Gretsch 5 piece drum kit, which had two rack toms, a floor tom, bass drum, 3 piece cymbal set and hi-hat. This kit had a real live sound, with a snare that looked like a piccolo snare, but had a deep tuning and tone to it. Most of their tunes have a fair amount of tom work so this posed a real challenge for me on where to place the microphone. I needed to be able to move it to capture the snare tone, so that the sound was thick and full of punch. After some moving around, the sweet spot was found only about 4′ away from the kit, and slightly off center. This allowed for really capturing the essence of the drum kit as a single instrument. For Russ’s guitar work, he demoed all of his rhythm tracks live in the studio while we laid down MeLinda’s drums. His amplifier is a Fender tube amp with single 12 inch woofer, that matches his Gretsch Electromatic hollow body guitar. He has a slew of pedals that he used in the songs to create a varied rhythm of textures and tones, such as octave and distortion. What was to follow on Saturday was laying down drums and rhythm guitar tracks for 8 songs.

For their next time in the studio, we had the agenda of laying down tracks for 8 songs. Unlike most of the projects I do, we moved right away to recording all of the main vocals even before finishing guitar touches. The reason for doing things this was to make sure the all-important vocals remain the focus. Final vocals by MeLinda were layered on the songs. Extra time was taken by the duo to make sure all the small nuances of the project and layering of guitars and vocals were done just right. After all their ducks were in a row for the songs, I mixed and handed mastering over to Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering in Portland, Oregon.

Have a listen to the music sample of ‘On the Hill Stairs’ from the album ‘Breach’ and make sure to check them out live at a local NW venue and on the web at Nails Hide